About Hands On

This exciting multi-media initiative was part of tve‘s award-winning Earth Report series! Described by one regular viewer as “the best environmental programme around” we bring you information on what people around the world are doing to meet the practical challenges of Agenda 21 – the Earth Summit’s action plan to save people and planet.

Be inspired to safeguard the environment – either by investing in an appropriate technology or by taking up an idea which might bring in some extra income.

Whether you’re interested in renewable energy, enterprise, recycling or fishing, Earth Report’s ‘Hands On-Ideas to Go’ offer something for everyone.

The project went beyond the broadcast of the programmes. We also ran an enquiry service managed by our partners, Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action).  Viewers and listeners to companion radio programmes coudd access briefs prepared by the unit through this website, as well as by email, fax and post.

Hands On covered issues such as sustainable farming, building, mining, health, transport, energy, recycling, agro-forestry and innovative production methods with NGOs and businesses supplying stories on best practices that  worked. Stories range from the safe disposal of old fridges to gravity-driven ram pumps; and from micro-credit to re-using human waste.

The main criteria for selection were affordability and replicability.

“We now know that from successful examples of viewers and listeners applying the these best practices, that the HANDS ON concept pioneered by TVE, really works.”
Janet Boston, Hands On producer

“In the period BBC World and other stations have been broadcasting Hands On stories tve has received more response to programmes than in our previous 15 years. Clearly our aim to produce ‘what can be done’ information has uncovered a tremendous unmet need for tips on enterprise that can be ethical and green.”
Robert Lamb, Series Editor, Earth Report