Series 7

Taking Off

Decent public transport is taken as a right in many countries. But for many, access to vital transport is a major problem. This Hands On programme looks at developments that help people get around, linking them to essential services, such as emergency medical care.

Take it Personally

This Hands On programme takes a personal view of how development can affect lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Ranging from the homeless on the streets of Hungary, to fish farmers in Vietnam and the poor tribal peoples of Nepal, innovative projects are transforming their lives.

Plague to Plenty

This Hands On programme explores how we can improve agricultural production. From innovative techniques such as hydroponics, spiritual approaches adopted from Steiner’s philosophy, to methods of tackling devasting crop pests and viruses, the programme highlights some sustainable solutions.

Animal Magic

The focus of Hands On this week is on animals, and their relationship with humans. Ranging from some of the smallest creatures, bees and leeches, to the largest, elephants, the programme explores how their instinctive abilities can be put to use, and how modern technologies can help us understand their world better.

Energy Wise

Access to affordable, sustainable energy supplies is a growing concern around the world. This programme looks at successful enterprises that are providing some solutions to this problem.